A.P.C. Founder Jean Touitou Discusses the ‘Yeezus’ Tour

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To celebrate the opening of A.P.C.’s new store on 49 Bond Street, Four-Pins had the opportunity to ask founder Jean Touitou various questions pertaining to a multitude of topics. The pair discussed the new brick & mortar as well as his thoughts on the Yeezus tour, art and the worst trends in fashion today. Check out an excerpt from the interview below:


How do you remove excess from your designs? In other words, how do streamline your products and effectively get rid of the details?

I manage not to have them in the first place. I don’t get rid of them, since they ain’t here to start with.

What did you think about the Yeezus Tour? Worthy of “The Kingdom of Dopeness”?

I went to the first one in Seattle. I could tell a great show could come out of it. At that point, it needed some editing. It’s the case with any creative process. I just love the fact that Vanessa Beecroft is so much part of it.

Is it still true that you only hire creative people at A.P.C., not people with business degrees? What do you not like about the business world?

I have people with business degrees. I just make sure they have another life in them.

What do you not like about the art world? Any thoughts on the love affair between Fashion and Art, particularly the explosion that’s been Art Basel?

Well, you know, you got the answer. It’s so trivial to write: Art has become a commodity for ignorant investors, and that sucks. To start with, people should know that there’s a city called Basel. Then maybe people should be told the difference between pop culture and culture

For the entire interview be sure to head over to Four-Pins.


Source : HighSnobiety

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