Highsnobiety and Naked & Famous present “History of Denim”

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Was on HighsNobiety today and came across this interesting feature on the History of Denim… Here are a few highlights.



1870s – Levi’s patents a process to apply rivets to pant pockets to increase durability. These new riveted blue jeans become the trouser of choice in the thriving mining industry of the time.

1950’s – Jeans are perceived as the clothing choice of delinquents, youth involved in counter culture and anitfashion. Hollywood takes notice of the increasing popularity of denim. Stars like Marlin Brando, Elvis Presley, James Dean, solidify tough guy personas sporting jeans.


1990’s – Hip Hop in America was growing and played a huge influence on denim at the time. Jeans were worn baggy and loose. Labels Tommy Hilfiger, and Polo Jeans grew to enormous highs as Hip Hop community embraced the brands.


2010’s – The history of denim seems to have come around full circle as the popularity of Raw Denim has increased throughout the 2010’s. Vintage style construction, and reproduction fabrics have now become the luxury fabric of choice among denim connoisseurs.


Check the full story here

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