NFL Vet Nate Burleson’s Lionblood Clothing Co.

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Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson has always made it known that he is a fashion enthusiast. After years of making fearless fashion choices, and even making his way down the runway during AW 2012 NYFW, his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and decided to take his love for fashion, and for the city he plays in to the next level.

After meeting long time fashion industry veteran Robert Montalvo who was instrumental in building brands such as Mecca USA, Artful Dodger, G-Unit clothing, and Fugly McGillicuddy the two joined forces, and launched LionBlood in the Summer of 2013.

LionBlood is a pioneer in Detroit designed apparel, and was inspired by the strength and ability to withstand adversity that runs through the veins of the city. The men’s and women’s collection consists of casual apparel and accessories that highlight the brands origin through creative imagery that is great for fashion lovers in any city.   Nate_Flag-OPT-600x600

To make room for new Spring and Summer styles, Lionnblood is offering sales on items up to 40% off! Visit Lionblood and stock up before it’s too late!
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