Soul Sundays : Curtis Fields ( @theCurtisFields ) & Danielle Parente ( @dparentemusic )

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Meet Curtis Fields

The world was introduced to Curtis Fields on last June as Fields performed the song Opposites Attract at the 2013 BET Awards. His memorable performance caught the attention of many as he strummed the guitar from his iPhone .

Fields began singing professional and performed alongside artists such as John Legend. He also was the winner of Nashville’s WQQK’s Grand Stand Competition, beating out hundreds of other performers. He continued his career by opening for acts such as Eric Roberson. His first single, Black Cherry, peaked at #2 in the Jazz/Funk category on CD Baby’s Top 5.

Fields caught his break in the music industry in 2012 when he appeared for the New Skool Rules auditions in Atlanta, Georgia. The auditions were held at in Atlanta in front of New Skool Rules and Epitome Entertainment. Fields was the last of more than 200 artists to audition. His audition caught the eye of Ray Daniels from Raydar Management who told Fields that he would have him signed within two months. Fields had offers from five different record labels but signed a recording deal with  and a publishing deal with within five weeks of his audition.

Listen to “Opposites Attract” as performed by Curtis Fields at the BET Awards 2013. Download “Opposites Attract” on iTunes!

Meet Danielle Parente

Danielle Parente is a Brooklyn based singer and songwriter. She released her first independently produced EP “The Way That I Feel” in January 2012. She is currently working on completion of her second full length album and playing the live circuit in NYC. Check out her music videos



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