Soul Sundays – Pia Mia @princesspiamia & Andreya Triana @andreyatriana

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Meet Pia Mia

This Los Angelas Songbird is known for being seen with Willow Smith. Little did we know , She has Soundcloud set on fire with this cover. At the age of eleven, Pia started posting videos of her singing on YouTube , by the username 6 peas in a pod. Today, Pia has gain over 5 millions views on Youtube, 203.6K followers on Instagram & more than 100K followers on Twitter.

Pia has recently released her first solo song on iTunes May 22th called ”The Last Man On Earth”. She has also featured the song “Bubblegum Boy” with the Shake It Up actress Bella Thorne.

Meet Andreya Triana

Triana grew up in a multicultural atmosphere, and began singing at age seven, influenced by the sights and sounds of inner-city London. Her early passion for music would see her locked in her bedroom for hours on end writing poetry, making homemade mix tapes and recording tracks – utilising two battered cassette decks to record harmonies. She moved to Worcester in her teens, and at age 17 started performing at an open-mic night, through which she met Bootis, a local musical collective, who formed the benchmark for her subsequent musical education. We hope she offers more songs for a friend.



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