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Came across his music yesterday while on Sound Cloud. He recently released the first two parts of his EP Series called Coke, Jack & Cadillac’s. On it, you can hear the unique sound created by his concoction of influences, which range from Lenny Kravitz to D’Angelo to Johnny Cash to Prince and the gospel music he grew up singing in his dad’s churches. But just as important as Ro’s sound is his story, which can be traced in the series title.

The first installment, COKE, contains the patriotic love song “Pledge Allegiance” which shows the elasticity in Ro’s voice, as he easily moves between a confident falsetto and an aggressive tenor to declare his devotion to the woman he loves.

On, JACK, there’s the gut-wrenching ballad “Indiana Jones,” a song about his aforementioned first love in Indiana. Don’t be fooled by the sultry slithery guitar strums and synths. Ro pours his heart out here, confessing his frustrations with a love he just can’t get right.



Evolution is “key” in any journey through life. Singer/ Songwriter Kameron Corvet moves through a progression of evolutionary experiences by simply allowing life to chart its course. From first experiences with adulthood at Morehouse College, to linguistic and cultural disparities as a French speaking world traveler the depths of his heart have been both visited and tested. These experiences led him to release F_ck, Love an EP which documents the conversation between a Man and his Love as he figures “It” all out. His music tells us as he put it, “I don’t have all of the answers [when it comes to love] but my music reflects where I am at the time that I write it.” Sung through the ups and downs that hallmark an intimate relationship, the listener is taken on a voyage that includes many memorable stops along the way to the hope for a final destination. Sensual mid-tempo tracks, like the playful “Going Under” and gripping ballads, like “Good Habits” allow the listener to embrace Corvet’s emotion. Kameron’s music reflects the vulnerability a man must be willing to experience if he is willing to love. The intimacy of these songs tell a familiar story that we can all relate to while weaving their way through sounds that leave his listeners wanting more.

Here is the link to Kameron’s complete F Love EP

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