THIS HAPPENED: Last Week In Pop Culture

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Jaden hates school. Jimmy Kimmel punked the world. Mister Cee (almost) opens up about his sexuality. And Keri Hilson is a really good actress. These are among the stories you might have missed last week.


Last week, Jaden Smith took to Twitter to tell the world just how little he values education. And, naturally, his rant was full of misspelled words. (More at

Remember that “World’s Biggest Twerking Fail” video, with the poor crashing into her living room table? Jimmy Kimmel made the whole thing up. (More at

After yet another transvestite/prostitution incident, Hip-Hop legend DJ Mister Cee resigned from his position at New York’s Hot 97. Before his departure, he opened up to the station’s Program Director Ebro Darden about his sexuality… And today got a little more open in a new PSA. (More at

Did you know Britney Spears still does music? Yup. (More at

Keri Hilson auditioned for a part in Vin Diesel’s new movie Riddick… she didn’t get it. But, apparently, she was SO good, that they wrote a part in the movie for her. (More at

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