Verse Simmonds lands 5 tracks on Chris Browns’ Upcoming X album

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Chris Brown has revealed the tracklist for new albumX, and it’s a guest-filled doozy. The album will include a whopping 17 tracks, plus four additional songs on the deluxe version to make for 21 songs overall. VVS Society’s Verse Simmonds lands 5 records on the project including “New Flame” (Usher, Rick Ross) , The Trey Songz assisted “Songs on 12 Play, Drunk Texting (Jhene Aiko), Love More (Nicki Minaj), & Don’t Think They Know (Aaliyah). Congrats to Verse Simmonds. is due out Sept. 16.

Chris Brown Tracklist

1. “X”
2. “Add Me In”
3. “Loyal” feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga
4. “New Flame” feat. Usher & Rick Ross
5. “Songs on 12 Play” feat. Trey Songz
6. “101 (Interlude)”
7. “Drown in It” feat. R. Kelly
8. “Came to Do” feat. Akon
9. “Stereotype”
10. “Time for Love”
11. “Lady in a Glass Dress (Interlude)”
12. “Autumn Leaves” feat. Kendrick Lamar
13. “Do Better” feat. Brandy
14. “See You Around”
15. “Don’t Be Gone Too Long”
16. “Body Shots”
17.  ‘Drunk Texting” feat. Jhene Aiko


18. “Lost in Ya Love”
19. “Love More” feat. Nicki Minaj
20. “Don’t Think They Know” feat. Aaliyah
21. “Fine China”

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